This photo was captioned only "Unknown Drag Coupe - Wayne/Chev" and the car sure has a serious stance and is all business up front. The young man in the picture is wearing a jacket with the name "Rudy"...I wonder if Rudy is still with us? And what ever happened to this little channeled car?

Here is a photo of the engine in the coupe above. Note lack of any cooling system, twin coils, and injector pump on the timing cover.

This '47 Chev coupe is shown with owner Sam Matsuda, circa 1952, in front of the Wayne Mfg co, building at 1023 Broadway, Glendale, Ca......

.....and in this photo, Harry applies some fine tuning to the stock head GMC mill. The result? Sam's coupe ran a 12.04 1/4 mile and (presumably with the same gearing) turned 118.42 at the El Mirage Dry Lakes course. Note the 5 Stromberg 97 carbs

Some of the first Wayne Chevy heads were used in "Crackerbox" marine racing runabouts. There was a 225 cu in class that was a natural for the overbored 216 Chevy engine. In this picture, Wayne Horning, Harry Warner and an unidentified driver tend to the rigging and tuning of "Saw-C-Su".

Another Wayne Chevy-powered marine racer, this one 225 cu. in hydroplane, WFO at probably 75-80 mph. Location unknown, but both of the above photos are likely from the late 1940's.

This photo was labeled only "Nehl Bros Sprint Car".

Another view of the #88 Nehl sprint car. Location unknown, but judging from the period cars in background, probably 1951 or 1952.