The 12 Port Story

The 12 Port Story Pt. 7
Herbert Hall
(originally printed in Vol. 2, Issue 2 of the 12 Port News)

    This issue I find that I'll be doing something different than I have in the previous 6 issues.  This installment I have not been able to complete my research to the point where I am able to bring you the next chapter in the story of the 12 port heads.  I have tried an will continue to attempt to bring the history of the 12 port heads along in somewhat of a chronological order.  I have prepared stories for some of the newer or more recently developed 12 ports but I want to keep things in order and the information on the Wayne Chevy and Wayne GMC heads which I had hoped to bring you in this issue just isn't quite finished.  I must accumulate a bit more information before I feel it will be ready for the old printing presses.  I'm trying to give you the whole story and not part of it.  So thanks for being so understanding.  I do hope to be back on track by the next issue.

    There is one area that I do need help in and I'll take this opportunity to express that need.  As you may have noticed in earlier issues, we asked for all our readers who owned or have ever owned a 12 Port head of any manufacture, to please write us and give us that information.  Later, we published a "12 Port Register" and listed some of those individuals who had responded.  Your humble author is in the process of writing a book on the history of the 12 port heads.   These regular installments here in "The 12 Port News" have served and will continue to serve as a fine place to rough out the material for the book.   Naturally, the book will have more detail than these articles and certainly, more photos.  The area I need help on is this: in the book, I hope to list as many of the 12 port heads still in existence as possible, with the name and city and state of the current owner.  In the case of some of the more famous heads, (like the Iocono head), I hope to trace total ownership from casting to present.  Therefore, if you currently own a 12 port head of any type, but any manufacturer, no matter what the condition, please write to me and give me all the information you can about it.  Such info as when you purchased it and from whom, it completeness, etc., current use or planned use.  Also, if you know someone who owns a 12 port head send me their name and address also.   This will help double check and reach guys who might not read this or write in.   Also, if you owned a 12 port at one time and no longer have it, please let me know who you purchased it from and when, also to who you sold it and when you sold it, (a part of the history of that head).  Naturally all this information will be held confidentially, "no salesman will call", and before using your name in the book, the normal legal releases will be obtained, so there will be no surprises.  Frankly guys, this may seem a bit boring to all of you but it is very necessary for me in my attempts to provide a comprehensive history of this special aspect of American Hot Rodding history, and I need your help and thank you for it.  Remember, if you own more than one 12 port, list them all, I thank each of you in advance for helping me out.   Please send this information directly to me, so as to not burden our busy and dedicated Editor with info that is primarily intended for my book.  Thanks.   Write me at: Herbert D. Hall, P.O. Box 96, Scottville, Mich. 49454.