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       Welcome to the Beck's Web Page! Here we do a variety of internal modifications to create a wonderful piece of machinery. As a fully capable machine shop, we do a variety of rebuilds, specializing in our "Full Flow" '37 - '53 Chevy 216's.  We also  have the resources to rebuild or modify any of the Chevrolet or GMC inline-sixes to the owner's specifications. At our shop, located in Santa Maria, California,we take our rebuilding very seriously. We are not an assembly line shop.

        Each of our engines are carefully assembled and inspected by a technician then re-inspected by a second technician to insure the highest quality of work before the engine is shipped back to its owner.

        You can expect our rebuilt engines to last for many years, but to ensure your complete satisfaction, Beck's offers:

  • 3 year/50 k mile (which ever comes first)guarantee
  • Return shipping paid by Beck's if engine is shipped to us
        Pricing varies according to the work that is requested by the customer (i.e. Short block,long block, racing equipment, etc...).  Upon evaluation of your engine,we require a 50% down payment of the confirmed estimate.

News and Information  Updated 12/30/2000
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Block Casting Numbers

        If you are curious about the Cubic Inch Displacement of your Chevrolet Inline engine, you can look up the Block Casting Numbers.  If you would like us to service your engine,you should know what the make and CID of it is before you contact us, that way we may better serve your needs.

The "Full Flow" Process
We call our system "full flow" because the term sounds good and works great. The squirt gun and trough system is eliminated and the full 45 lb. of oil pressure reaches the bearings.Hydraulic lifters are then fed directly from the main gallery. The rockers and the oil pressure gauge is fed by the original 15 lb. regulator.

Beck's also does a variety of  inline and V-8 small and long block engine rebuilds.  We can install racing equipment upon order and do not charge extra for different cam grinds.

If you have any questions or want some information:give us a call!

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