The following update and pictures were added on Oct 28 2002:

Hi All,

After flogging on my new racer all year I finally got it ready to fire Sunday at midnight. I decided to show compassion to my sleeping neighbors and NOT fire it up in the driveway. Instead, today I loaded up and drove back down to Advanced Chassis where Ken Bowers set up the chassis, measured corner weights, and made some final adjustments.
His crew said "let's hear it" so I started it in their shop. What a thrill it was to listen to that engine after a two year hibernation.
I have to fix a couple of minor leaks and swap out a balky starter motor. Lord willing, this is my testing schedule for the rest of the week:
Wed - 4 PM at Milan Dragway test and tune
Thur - 4 PM at MDW. FME has the track rented. Crew gets free admission, so (pending a successful Wed test session) stop by and watch.
Fri - 4 PM This is the run off for the Street race season champ. I will have the Koesel Family Truckster there plus hopefully the new car for some additional testing.
Sat - 12 PM Bracket racing the new car
Sun - 10 PM - If all of the above fails I will try testing Sunday



This evening i took my new FRENCHTOWN FLYER altered to the track. No major problems - everything worked except the track was cold and very slick, preventing all out runs. I had to feather the gas until half track. Here's what it ran:

12.32 @ 107
11.02 @ 127
10.77 @ 132
10.90 @ 131

10.69 @ 131
10.42 @ 132
10.31 @ 133





July 14, 2003

Carol and I went to Norwalk yesterday to test the new car. It took two months longer than planned to get the body prepped and painted. I did the paint and art myself - pinstriping and lettering to come.
     We had to enter Super Pro to test - only got one time trial - 10.01 @ 131.
Round 1: Ran an 8 second Mustang that just finished competing in Quick 16. I dialed 9.98. Ran 9.982 - he broke out by .008. That WIN was a nice surprise to start the new car's stats. Car ran on a string.
Round 2: Dialed 9.97. Ran dragster - I cut a .032 light - his was .037. Ran 10.04. Won by .003 MOV. Straight run too.
Round 3: Dialed 9.97 Ran a 8.57 second Mustang. He had a .001 to my .043 light. I went under at 9.954 - He went 8.59 for the win.- .001 MOV.
    All in all not a bad start. The car gave me absolutely no problems whatsoever and got lots of looks and compliments. One gentleman said he was planning to build a similar car and asked for your name and address. I plan to run the car Sat and Sun at the Milan All Ford Race, and enter The Koesel Family Truckster too. One Box car and one No-box car. Call me crazy... 
    I hope you are all well and that you are enjoying the summer and getting lots of win slips. Thanks for the good ride. Now I need to concentrate on learning the fine points of all those gizmos in the car - and making it go faster.

Greg Koesel