Jack Layton's 12 Port Sprint Car


Jack Layton's son, Bill, sent this picture of his dad's sprint car that was built in 1957 using a 12 port Wayne head on a Chevrolet engine.  Jack Layton (now deceased), formerly of Howell Michigan, restored the car in 1985.  The blue car runs a Hilborn fuel injection system with serial number 003 and has number 66 on cockpit tail.  Jack Layton sold the car to someone in Washington state but the car was running on a New Hampshire track several years ago.  Update note, 6/12/07:  Bill found his fathers car in Connecticut owned by Jerry Lettieri, who has completely rebuilt the engine and enjoys participating in various vintage racing events in the Northeast part of the country.

Thanks Bill, for sharing the picture of your dad's car and it's history.


Jack Layton (left) and Bill with Jack's  #66 Chevy 6 Sprint Car