Rob Seubert sends this info on his "Six Shooter".....

A friend sent me a link to your site - great stuff !  Thought I would share
my inline delight with you - as it seems you' all are into them as much as

I've had the car for about 18 years, took the original 327 out and put in
this bored and stroked inline back in 1989.  It is a 250 block with a
de-stroked 292 crank.  It totals 296 inches.  There was a lot of custom work
to make the combination....custom Venolia pistons, lots of crank work,
custom pan, even grinding the fuel pump lobe off the cam to clear the #2
rod.  Extensive head work as well, including the removing the bolt boss
through the intake port trick.  Valve train is predominantly Crane, solid
lift with roller rockers.  Induction is 3 side draught Webbers on a Clifford
intake, Clifford split header as well. Trans is T/H 350, with 3,000 stall
converter.  I've had lots of trouble holding onto flywheels - so it has a
billet aluminum flywheel on it with locking collets holding on to the crank,
as well as 6 bolts on the converter - with collets as well.  Rear end is a
12 bolt posi, 3.73 geared.  Best 1/4 mile time is 12.86 @ 105 MPH.  The car
goes down the track @ 3400 lbs and is street legal (except for slicks).
License plate frame says "Sooooo....Six-In-A-Row Don't Go ??".

Hope to see my car on the site.

oh- by the way...what kind of truck do I drive ??? A Dodge Cummins (inline 6
diesel) of course !

Thanks guys.

Rob Seubert
Colton, OR
(503) 824-5030