Walter (Smitty) Smith's Amazing Race Car and Engine


Walter Smith  has owned the engine and chassis since the 50's.  The body has been a work in progress since the mid 90's.  It has run practice at Waterford Speed Bowl in Connecticut running competitive times.  The race team is still working on it to get it race ready.  The engine started as a 1952 GMC 302 punched out to 320 cu. in.  It has a 4 1/8 bore, 4 inch stroke, Skinner 12 port head with a home made intake for the currently approved NASCAR Four Barrel carburetor. The transmission is from a '37 Chevy with an aluminum case and a '55 Chevy tail shaft.  The rear end is a Hilborn (now Franklin) quick change with 5.29 gears for 1/4 mile and 4.30 gears for 1/2 mile tracks.  The transmission gears are Corvette three speed.  The engine and chassis originally ran and won races in the 50's and 60's at Riverside Speedway and Plainville Stadium in Connecticut.  For more technical information on the car and the truly historic engine, Inliners can see the Jan/Feb 2004 issue of the 12 Port News.

Walter Smith #24,  Glastonbury Connecticut

submitted by Bruce Hurst