Nick's Sweet '68 Mustang

Hi, my name is Nick.  This is a photo of a Ford 300 in my '68 Mustang. The engine and trans are set back for more clearance.  I also made new engine mounts.  I went through three flywheels in a very short time but I finally have it figured out.  The engine has 327 Chevy pistons, floating pins, with reworked rods.  The blocked is decked for 11:1 compression.  The head is milled and has lots of port work with 1.94 and 1.625 Chevy valves.  A custom ground comp cam with .560 lift, dual valve springs, big block Chevy roller rockers, Clifford 1 3/4" drag header, Offy  intake manifold, 750 d.p., Fisher damper, N.O.S. plate system.  The transmission is a C4 with TCI 10 inch converter. The rear end is a 31-spline 9inch with a 4.11 Detroit locker.  Drag race times will be coming this summer.  I ran it last year and was having problems with the set-up.  It ran 13.54 and 97 mph.  I changed the compression ratio, cam and some work was done to the head.  It should be a low 13, high 12 car; 11.50's should not be a problem on the nitrous bottle.

Nick Wiencek   Milwaukee Wisconsin