Rick Yocum's Vintage '37 Chevy Race Car


When I was a young lad my local dirt track hero was an East Liverpool, Ohio resident by the name of Jack Steffen.  This car is a replica of his car which ran a 270 GMC and was known locally as “The Screaming Gimmy” because of the engine builder’s success in building a GMC that would turn 5k rpm…and stay together.  It was the end of flathead Fords dominating the winner’s circle.  In fact, until Chevrolet brought out the V-8.  It has a three-speed tranny and a 331 head.

 This particular car built in 1957 in the Connecticut/New York are by the Jensen brothers.  They, too, employed the 270 GMC  engine so when I found the car several years ago, I had the exact type of car Jack had driven, so I changed to appearance to match his car.

 I’m told the (original) car was successful in the northeast in the 50s and I took car to capture all the car’s original markings/lettering, etc. in the chance someone might want to return it to its original configuration.

 I’d love to add a four-barrel and a split manifold to the engine, but have only rounded up one spare exhaust manifold to date.  (I know headers are available, but, odds are, they wouldn’t have been used in 1957.)  And speed parts for the 270 ain’t exactly plentiful.  But I continue to look.  In fact, that’s how I found myself on your site last night.

Rick Yocum  East Liverpool Ohio

Author of: "Echoes of Valley Thunder: Remembering Debo Park Motor Speedway"