Matt's `70 Nova


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Here is a picture of my inliner leaving at New England Dragway where I race. It's a `70 Nova that weighs 3050lbs with me in it. It has been in my family since new. My Grandparents bought it when I was 10. My wife and I took it on our first date some 22 years ago. Lots of memories of going to the beach with Grandma etc...

Anyway, it runs the original 250-6 with a few mods. Balanced bottom end with shotpeened rods and forged 10:1 pistons. The cam is a 290 duration with 560 lift solid type. The head was modified with 1.88 intake and 1.60 exhaust. Bolt boss removed, 7/16 screw in studs and Harlandsharp 1.75 roller-rockers, Clifford 4 barrel intake with a 600 vac sec Holley, and Clifford split headers. Behind the engine is a turbo 350 with a shiftkit and a B+M torkmaster 10 in. 3000 stall converter. In the rear is a 8.2 10 bolt with a C-Clip eliminator kit, mini spool, and 4.56 gears.

The cars best run was 13.77@98 MPH and normally runs 13.94-14.00 @ 96 MPH. It's tons of fun especially when your the only inline 6 beating up 5.0's and the like. Naturally I want to go faster. A lot faster like low 12's. I was thinking of Nitrous but my buddies don't like it to much and It will 40 dollar me to death. Problem is I don't know what else to do...Webers? Higher stall converter? Loose lots of weight? Can't bring myself to strip the car but I might try fiberglass bumpers. Well, there it is13's with as much work as it takes to put a small block in the same times.