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Walt Skoczylas' 1932 Bantam

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This 1932 Bantam is owned by Walt Skoczylas (Scotchless) our very own Portland / Vancouver chapter head
Walt bought his Bantam in late 1990 as a rolling chassis and soon began the long and costly process of making it race worthy. He installed a tri-powered 292 backed by a powerglide and a 4.30 MOPAR rear end. By May of 1992 the car was at the Good guy's Goodtimes (Sears Point CA.) and turned a 12.9 @ 101 MPH
Since that date Walt has made many improvements, but as you can see the biggest has been the addition of a direct injected, 671 supercharged 292!

Walt has made some serious upgrades and here is the story:

It's probably too hard to keep up with, but this is a different altered that the one I had with flames.  That was a Bantam body.  I sold it minus engine a couple of years ago because the chassis would not re-certify for NHRA and the changes I would have had to make would have required building a new chassis from scratch.  I sold it to my Inliner buddy Jim Hawk who is running it with a milder carbureted 292 Chev.  It doesn't run fast enough with that engine to require certification.

I bought Pat O'Shaughnessy's altered, "The Barn Job", minus engine.  See the J/F '93 12 Port News.  This chassis also would not certify "as is", but the way it was built it was easy to cut off the roll cage and build a new one.  I went this route because I like to look and feel of the early construction over the new "belly button" altered bodies and chassis.  The body is an interesting one.  It is the front cowl of a '23 T with the back half of a '27 T.

Besides the roll cage, I also had to build new engine mounts, cross members, aluminum interior, redesign the front and rear ends, etc. etc.

To check out and debug everything, I ran a small 230 CI Chevy engine in the car last year.  It was an engine another Inliner buddy of mine, Jim Anderson, had laying around.  It was fuel injected with an aluminum Deppe-Duggen head and ran alcohol.  I was able to run some 9.90 ET's with that engine.

Now that everything on the chassis seems to work, I just finished putting the blown motor in the car for this season.  It is the engine out of the Bantam and is a 292 with a 6-71 blower and an 8 port Crower fuel injection hat.  I run this engine on gas with about 10 lbs of boost.  We'll see how it runs in this setup!  It would run 9.70's in the Bantam.

- Walt

Walt sends this update for the 2004 season:

Here's a picture of this year's incarnation of my altered.  Just finished putting it together.  New paint job, new engine, and some rear suspension mods.  The engine is owned  by Jim Anderson, #2061, my partner in this venture.  It is an all aluminum Duggan with a 4-1/8" bore and 3-3/4 stroke for just over 300 cu. in.  It will run gas and has 3 500cfm Holley carbs on a custom tunnel ram type intake.  Full dry sump oil system too.  Will be getting it out to the track soon.


Walt Lines up the new roadster at Woodburn, OR - right off the trailer, he turned 9.65 in the 140's

March 21, 2004