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Hello Fellow Inliners:

    I enjoy the Inliners International web site very much. Just needs more photos. I'll try to help you out with that.  I have attached a few of photos of my inline powered dragster, Strange Brew.

    It was first built in 1959 by a fellow in Charleston Illinois by the name of Harry Hurst. (great name for a drag racer eh?) Harry built it to resemble a Chassis Research K-88 car. With a 1948 English Ford, Anglia front suspension. He built up a nail head Buick with a chain drive blower and 6 Stromberg two barrels, a home built two speed tranny and a Olds rear-end with a 1937 Pontiac center section, (The 6 cylinder 37 Pontiac had 4:33 gears from the factory and the center section falls right into the 1954 Olds housing.) This combination pushed the 98" digger to 145 MPH quarters. He was quite successful at the old Terra Haute Ind. Strip.

    It was later fitted with a small block Chevy and made just a few runs before it was left to sit until my friend "Beatnik" bought it and brought it home in the early 70's. He never had the time to do anything with it, but he did move it from place to place as he went about raising his family.

    About 5 years ago he dropped it off in front of my garage and told me it was all mine for as long as I wanted it. I was going to make a flower pot holder out of it, being a street rodder I enjoyed having door and fenders on my car when it went down the track. Enter my good friend Tony Pruemer. He came by looked the frame over and talked me into putting it back on the track. He offered a 151 cube Iron Duke he had and my brother Dan had an old Power Glide so off we went. We updated the frame and cage.

    We put a mild cam in the Duke and a set of flat tops, along with a Holley 350cfm two barrel. This netted a best of 9.20 in the 1/8 th mile at Coles County Dragway, Charleston IL. We were really having fun!

    Then it happened, I found a Poor Mans' Offy (Chevy II) on a mini rod pulling tractor in a shed a few blocks from my house. A deal was struck and home it came. After selling the narrowed 9 inch to Tony, I had a few extra bucks to put toward rebuilding the Chevy.

     The Chevy II is actually a marine block that had started life as a midget racer power plant. It is stroked to 171 cubes by a Hank The Crank steel crankshaft. The cam is a Racer Brown Roller, the head and intakes are Ansen Engineering, the Pistons are 12 to 1 Jahns, the carbs are two Weber DCOE 45. The ignition is a stock distributor converted to electronic with an Ignitor kit. The track roadster style header was home built by Tony Pruemer. Who rebuilt the donated Power Glide adding a 1.82 low gear, and converting it to a shorty style. It runs through a 2500 rpm converter. We still use the 1937 Pontiac gears, and Olds housing.

     The car has still not returned to the quarter mile, we plan to take care of that this year. But it has made many trips down Coles County's 1/8th and has run a best of 8.54 @ 83 MPH. Not bad for a 1500 pound car with a four banger. I know it most likely would run .5 quicker, but we don't push it much past 6 grand in order to preserve the aging parts in the little motor. And with bracket racing there is really no call for hurting parts. And it does run very consistent times, I just need to hone my driving skills. We go racing about every other weekend.

     We are members of the Front Engine Dragsters of America which is a group dedicated to preserving drag racing the way it used to be. The Group has a Nostalgia Drag race planned for July 1&2, 2000 at the historic Cordova Raceway. This event will include front motor rails, (fuel & gas) altered's, gassers A/VEX cars, and who knows what else. More information about the group and the Slingshot Nationals II can be found at   This site is the online newsletter called "The Slingshot".

    I hope you enjoyed seeing our little digger, Tony is building a Bantam altered and a resurrecting another dragster, this time it's one from the late 60's. One of these cars will receive the 151 we first run in Strange Brew. The altered will for sure be Iron Duke powered as Tony built it for that motor. I have also included a photo of Tony's steel 1927 T-Bucket with his daughter Ashley on board, take note it is powered by an Iron Duke also. Inliner-itus is a sickness, but, who wants a cure?

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