Hemi 6

Brian Cannell sends...

The car is an all steel 1950 Dodge Business Coupe powered by an Australian Dodge 265 Hemi 6 cyl.. We used this engine for one simple reason. Horse Power. This engine makes 320bhp and 325 ft.lbs torque from the factory. The stock factory carburation for this engine is three 48 idf sidedraft webers and factory stock electronic ing. system in 1970.

As you can see the Aussie Tech is a little more advanced then our own. After alittle cyl. head work and basic engine tricks we have come up with a 6 cyl. that makes a little over 430 hp with a single 500 cfm 2 bbl. holley. I built the car with one thing in sight. The LA CARRERA PANAMERICANA. We were unable to race this event due to unsure rules. We did in fact set a new National circle track record with the car on April 26th 1996 at Stockton 99 Speedway. The car drove off the street and onto to track and ran an easy 15.65 sec. making this the Fastest Street Legal Circle Track car in America. NASCAR did the timing of this event and recorded it in there record books which are housed in Florida.

I built this car using all of the latest Winston Cup tech. Such things as a Richmond/Tex Powell 6 speed trans, Tilton Pedals & 3 Disc Clutch, Cambered 9" Ford Floater Rearend, 12 pt. dom Roll Cage, RCI Poly Seats &
Harness's, On Board Fire System, 3 qt. Accusump Oiling System, Hurst/Airheart Ultra Lite 4 Wheel Disc Brakes,. Something very special about this project. Jack McCoy a two time West Coast Grand National Champion and all time Winner of the West Coast Grand Nationals owns and drives this car. It was built to break a standing record that he set 30 years ago and it will be done. In the near future I would like to try to set some new 1/4 mile drag records with the car myself. We can only hope! This car scales at 3450 lbs and has seen speeds of 158 mph. NOT BAD FOR A 6 BANGER........


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