Ray's 41'


This article was written up in the December issue of S&S Cycles Newsletter, "Performance Times". As you can tell, Ray and I had a lot of fun running their Super B carbs. They worked so well, I will be using them on all future runs.  I first saw Ray's coupe back in 1985 at the Fremont Raceway. Inliners were having a grand get-together like we are having in Denver this year.  At the time the family car was a stock 216 powered '49 Chevy Fastback.  The coupe came rumbling by and it just looked and sounded so unbelievably Cool, I fell in love with it. Not in a million years would I have thought in a short 13 years Ray and I would be friends and he would be letting me run my engine and work on it. Bonneville is truly a place where dreams come true and Inliners come together.  The engine runs Jimmy rods and oil pump, Buick 181 pistons, power-glide valves. At this run it still had the Schneider 270 hydraulic cam. Next year we plan a healthier cam and more fun!
Armond Orr,
Nor Cal Chapter President


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