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Hello Inliners,

Here are some pictures of my car and engine.  It is Duggan aluminum 302 cu. in. and as you can see, I originally ran the motor with an injector, and then later changed it to 3-2bbl carbs with a scoop.  I was completely involved in the construction of this car, from design through final completion.  It took 3 months of working 7 days a week to complete it.

The motor was machined, assembled and dyno'd by the Nickens brothers from Houston, Texas.  It made 507 HP on their dyno.  This was on racing gasoline.  The motor uses JE pistons, BME "pro stock" rods.  The oiling system is from Moroso, with a custom aluminum dry sump pan and a 4-stage dry sump pump.  The valves are Manley titanium with Crower valve springs and roller lifters.  Titanium retainers by Manley were also used.  The roller camshaft  was custom ground by Crower.   We use an MSD magnetic crank trigger and a 7AL-2 box.  We had Darren Davis of Davis Step Headers, build custom step headers.

We have run this car in NHRA Division 6 since 1995, although we took 1999 off to complete some remodeling of our house, which we started several years earlier.   Doesn't it seem funny that the race car always gets finished but it is soooo hard complete home chores?

The motor runs very strong, I launch the car at around 6000 rpm and shift at 7600 rpm.   The best run to date is 8:21 @ 163 mph.  I use a Liberty 5 speed transmission.   The rpm is around 8000 at the finish line.

I wish we had known about the race in Denver earlier, we have already made travel plans for the Memorial day weekend and I think I saw that the conventions is the first weekend in June.

The car has won many awards and here are just a few:

1995 Inliners Winter Cruise In: 1st Place "Race Car"
1996 Portland Roadster Show: 1st Place
1996 NHRA Division 6: Best Engineered

We have attended several cruise-ins as a display car. We even displayed the car last month at the Mt. Hood Little League season opener. We love to let kids sit in the car and ask questions about it. I never had this opportunity when I was young, so I especially enjoy doing this.

We did take the car out 2 weekends ago for some testing. This was our first time out in 19 months. Man what a ride! Our first run was 8.26 et @ 160 mph! Not too bad for our first attempt.  We are going out to test again this weekend because the Woodburn season opener is May 20 & 21.  Hope to see all you Inliners there!

P.S.  Oh BTW, the engine is for sale!  For serious inquiries send me an email

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