Jamie Frankland's 12 Pack Inline Dragster




Here is Jamie Frankland's "12 Pack", a double engine nostalgia dragster which made its maiden pass at the Desoto Dragway (Bradenton FL) Nostalgia Fall Nationals in Nov '99. The "12 Pack" runs on straight alcohol through 4 Holly 500 2-barrel circle track carbs, uses a Powerglide tranny and Frankland quick-change rear end. Engines are joined by a "Love-Joy" splined coupler. Motors are fully built 292" Chevys, with roller rockers, lump port heads, Ross and Arias pistons, long rods, steel cranks and roller cams, among other tricks. The engines were formerly used in the the Florida Swamp Buggy race series! No time was recorded on the debut run, as sorting out continues, but watch for updates on this awesome INLINE powered drag machine...

New Pics from Jamie at the "Nostalgia Spring Nationals" at Desoto Dragway




Photo #1: Jamie Frankland's "12 Pack" gets a good bite on the way to a 9.77/148 mph 1/4 mile pass at DeSoto Dragway, Bradenton, FL, Feb 20th 2000.   Jamie is still getting the feel of the car, shaking down the brakes and steering before getting serious about horsepower. The car performed flawlessly during four 9-second passes on its second outing.

Crew chief Lynn Muldoon (left) and owner/driver Jamie Frankland (center) get some expert advice from old friend Don "Big Daddy" Garlits, between rounds at DeSoto. Probable changes include more carburetion and gearing up for higher top end. Next races are scheduled for April 9th (see "Events" page for full details)

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