Alex's '78 Brazilian Opala Coupe

My Chevrolet Opala is a Brazilian car that came in three options: L4 153, L4 151, or the L6 250. My car has a stock 250 engine, with some modifications to the carb.   The carb has 1 7/8" primaries and 2" secondary tube headers.  They were made here in Brazil by Grand Prix at the mid 70's for the fast race cars.   My Opala is a daily driver and drag-for-fun car.  It runs fast for a stock 250, and maybe it has about 180hp - the factory stock is 171hp.  The limitation is the cam - I was told that it was about 265 adv. e 114 lobe ctr. and it is very smooth from idle to rpm limit (800-5500 rpm).
The race superiority of the 250 here in Brazil as the best and the fastest race and stock cars has been awesome for about 30 years.  Why? Because the Opala came with this engine and was faster than Ford Mavericks 302 V8, Dodge Chargers 318 V8, etc. The car was lighter, with better weight distribution, very good brakes and was smaller and lower.  I have some old pics of Opalas in races here, with 300-400hp in the mid 70's, with the 3 Weber power pack, etc.  We do wild modifications here.  The fastest 250 engine car ever is the "Yellow Black Lethal" - yeah, it's a Opala.  You can Google search to see it.  It ran a 1200hp 250 L6 engine for many years. Wow!  Extremely fast. 

I'm planning to put in my car an EFI system just about the end of the year - I'm almost a Electrical and Electronic Engineer and I'm going to build a EFI for the car.

Alexandre Andreoli   Brazil