Joe and Steffanie Czaja's '39 Buick Century

We have had our 39 Buick for only a year now. It is mostly stock and unrestored , powered by the 320 cubic inch inline 8 cylinder engine.  A 3 speed on the column, gets it through the gears on the highway. It was the first year that Buick located the shifter on the column. The engine has been rebuilt and painted as the pictures indicate.  1939 was also the first year for Buick to introduce turn signals (on the rear only). They incorporated the signals into the center trunk emblem.  When flashing they are the shape of an arrow on the edge of the red lenses, built into the trunk emblem.  It's pretty neat the things Buick did in 1939 including installing the turn signal lever into the shifter with a little round indicator light.   The Century not only has the standard odometer, but also a trip meter. The suspension is stock independent with knee action shocks ( front and back), and this car rides like ----- well, like a Buick. Pretty nice.  The interior is stock and in real good condition. The exterior sports the bullet shaped parking lights on the front fenders which were an option in 1939. Ours have been converted into turn signals. The fenders have been repainted, however the main body of the car including hood, trunk, doors etc wears the original paint and still has a decent shine. The wire wheels were donated by a 1953 Buick Skylark.


320 cubic inch inline 8 cylinder engine

When my brother came to town; we decided to have some fun with a roll of black & white film, the Buick, a violin case, a couple of fedoras and our imaginations taking us back in time. (see black and white picture) We had Fun !  We really like this car including it's roominess and the suicide doors. We haven't made definite plans for any changes to the car. We are taking our time thinking about it. We are enjoying the unrestored Buick as is, for the time being.

Happy and Safe Motoring all,

Joe & Steffanie Czaja