Tommy's Clean '56 GMC

Restored in 1998-99 but couldn't find a #'s matching 270 inline till 2005.  My 1956 GMC 1/2 ton is stock now and proud of it!
That is the Muddy Mississippi in the background.  I'll be joining the Inliners soon and wanted to start off with a pic or two for the other members to see.  I've been real busy with the rebuild and now I'm looking forward to enjoying the fruits of my labor.  It sure is an improvement over the 350 V-8.  It sounds crazy to most, but I know you Inliner guys & (girls) will understand.  The 270 is smoooooth as silk.

Check my web page at for more pics. 

Tommy Douglas, Moline, Ill.



1956 270 GMC engine