Colonel  Flashman's '58 Mercury M-100 "Wee Beastie"


'58 Mercury M-100 truck w/ 312c.i. I-6 with a C-4 transmission.  The "Wee Beatsie" was Uncles ranch truck for 40 years out in Reubidoux, CA.  Father inherited the "Olde Girl", drove her a tick & then asked if I wished to trade my '58 F-350 for her, she be easier for me to drive. Of course I said yes. She originally had a 223c.i. and Merc-O-Matic, due to the fact mechanics these days Do Not know how to work this type of engine & tranny I opted to up-grade the "Wee Beastie" w/ a '64-'72 series, 300c.i. I-6, built by "Olde Man" Johnson @ JMS Racing Engines w/ a matching built C-4 by John's A.T.S. Inc., both out of Monrovia, CA.


Colonel Sir Harry Flashman V.C.  San Gabriel Valley CA


Engine Details:

300 H.P. @ 4600 rpm with 400 ft-lb Torque @ 3200 rpm w/ a 10 to 1 C.R.  It idles @ 675 and is smooth as glass, a quarter was placed on top of the Valve Cover and it Did Not move Nor rattle, at least on the stand anyway.  Ross Pistons 4.060; Hastings Power Flex Rings .060; Federal Mogul Mains .020 Under; Clevite Performance Bearings Std.; Federal Mogul Cam Bearings Std.; Melling Torque Cam and H.V. Oil Pump; Eagle H-beam Rods 6.300 2.100 Rod Journal; Crane Gold Race Roller rockers; ARP Main Stud Kit, Rocker Studs,; Fisher International Balancer; Bore 4.060; Power Hone 4.060; Full P&P Intake & Exhaust valves; Performance valve job; Performance Balance job on Steele Crank w/ in 7 grams; Grind Rod Journals to 2.100; Plumb Intake for Heat via Water Pump; Deck Block to Square; Align hone to Factory specs; Deck block for Zero Deck; Offenhauser C Intake (thinking of going to a D/P); Holley 1850 600 CFM; S.S. Borla 2 into 2 Header; 8' of 3" tubes attached to Flowmaster 40's; 4 Core Desert Radiator mated w/ the Original Radiator Housing; 2 1,200 CPU Electric Fans, on @ 180, off @ 170 mounted diagonally; MSD 6A Electronics Box & Coil; D.S. II Distributor