Billy's Beautiful '49 Buick

I bought this 49 Buick about 15 years ago and started restoration at a slow pace since I have several other cars. I had the Dynaflow rebuilt, new tires, custom interior, custom shocks built to replace the old knee actions, bumpers and grill repaired and chromed, a replacement rear end, painted 57 Cadillac blue (which was close to original) and replaced engine accessories such as fuel pump, water pump and hoses, and had the brakes rebuilt. It just got finished this spring 07.
My first run was at the invitation of member Jerry Davis to go 120 miles to Sonny and Dixie Rossie's Memorial Day bash in San Antonio. She ran fine except my windshield wipers didn't work and it rained all the way down and back. Thanks to Rain-X it was okay.   I met a lot of neat people there and I'm looking forward to much fun with the Inliners. 

Billy Hutson, #5145,  Texas Chapter