Steve's Pride and Joy

I bought my '51 Chevy in May 2003 and completely dismantled it for restoration.  The engine is a 216 with only 37,000 miles on it.    A 3 speed, three-on-the-tree transmission works just fine and the conversion to 12 volts helps a lot.  The body has been extensively restored with new steel to original condition from the back of the front fender to the rear bumper and the floor boards were repaired.  The interior was completely repainted and re-upholstered and in May 2006 a new charcoal paint job completed the restoration project.  The car is driven about 3,000 miles each summer, from May to October, which is about the driving limit in my area of Canada.

Steve Landry  Northern Quebec, Canada


51 Chevy Styleline Coupe