Mark Plunkett's '29 Ford Coupe from "Down Under"

I'm from Melbourne Australia, and have been an Inliners member (#1318) for over 10 years.  At times I've been the only Australian member.
 The car will be painted "Washington Blue". I've been the lucky recipient of some hop up gear from Tom Finn Sr.  to help me build a good strong carburated engine as well as a blower set-up, which was given to me by a good friend.
The '29 coupe is all pre- '48 Ford except for the important bits - the engine and trans.  It has a stock '57 235 at present - but I have a blower set-up for it and a tri carb setup for the 261 I'll build up for it. There's a '37 Packard tranny in it as well.


'29 Coupe with stock 235 engine


Progress on body, Aug. 2007


'37 Packard transmission


Note right-hand drive


Adding steel bracing in body