Tom's Very Cool '54 Chevy 210


The car is a 54 Chevy model 210. I'm the fourth owner and got the car with 66K miles showing on the odometer. It had a factory 235 with a cast iron powerglide behind it and purred like a kitten. But, I couldn't leave well enough alone, so I started making changes. Besides repainting the car and having the interior and chrome redone, I built up a newer drivetrain for it.
I began with a 1962, 261ci truck block, bored it .050" over (now 270ci) and stuffed it with Ross forged pistons, hung on modified GMC 302 rods, then polished and balanced the crank, before I assembling it. The cam is a Reed solid lifter "blower grind". The head is very heavily massaged 235 head, milled .060", with oversize stainless intake valves, Inconel exhaust valves, hardened seats and triple Manley springs.
For induction, I rebuilt a Detroit 8V53 diesel blower, then bolted it to modified a "Larrowe" blower intake manifold and stuck two Holly 500 cfm two barrel carburetors on top. The blower gear cover, snout, carburetor adaptor and blower drive is all custom machined or fabricated by me, as well the air cleaner which matches the "Wayne" valve cover.
A fresh TH200-4R transmission takes care of the shifting; a "posi" rear end out back from a 55 Chevy puts the ponies to the ground and a pair of GM disc brakes up front helps slow it down.  Aside from some initial bugs that I had to work out and learning what the engine likes for ignition timing, she rolls down the road very nicely now and I have to say the blower really wakes up that ole "stovebolt"!!!

Tom Meinzer, Inliner #4002, Salem Oregon

Nicely finished 261 engine with Detroit 8V53 blower


Detroit 8V53 blower with two Holley 500 cfm carbs on the modified 261 engine