Ken's Hauler '37 Chevy Pickup


The truck was completed in February 1990, but has had a lot of changes since.  It now has 50,000 miles and pulls the fifth wheel most every where it goes.  It has a 302 GMC with McGurk 5 carb log manifold, everything else is made by owner, valve cover, side cover exhaust headers, oil filter etc.  It now has a close ratio 3 speed transmission, 55 and later gears in 37 case, tail shaft was shortened and re-splined and the front of the case bored out to use a larger bearing so the larger clutch gear will go through.  The truck uses a 1937 car rear end with 1952 3:56 gears.  All 5 carburetors are used with 3 primary and 2 secondary progressive linkage.  A 39 Buck 5 core radiator is used for cooling.

Ken Stackhouse #1988, Yelm, WA

Editors Note: Ken's truck has won numerous awards in NW events for "best early truck" and "best engine" categories.

302 GMC engine