Ray's '52 Chevy Ute

This is a Chevy utility pickup called a "Ute" that is assembled in Australia only.  The vehicles were popular with country folks and farmers as an all-round utility truck.  I obtained my car about 3 1/2 years ago with only 66,000 miles on the odometer.  It had straight panels and no rust--a very good start in restoration.  The car was completely disassembled and restoration was started from scratch.  The original 216 engine and 3 on the tree was swapped for a Blue Flame 235 mated to a 4 speed Falcon top loader gearbox on the floor.  Special thanks to Patrick's and Clifford's (USA) and Ray Goodman (Australia).


Engine: '57 235 CI Blue Flame, Balanced and Blue printed; head has polished and reshaped ports; compression is 8.6; Cam has 34-70 intake, 70-34 exhaust with .308 lift; Fenton Headers flow into 3" exhaust; Ford Falcon 4 speed gearbox.  The stock front end suspension is used with 2 1/2" dropped spindles along with Holden Power Disk brakes; a 3.5:1 Holden rear end is used.  An ash wood bed with stainless strips made up the bed.  The rear of the car has a rolled pan with recessed license plate and early Ford tear drop tail lights.  Paint is Gasurit 2 pack deep purple.  The car took three years for restoration.

Ray Truman, Inliner #4186, Toowoomba, Oueensland, Australia





1957 Chevy 235 Blue Flame engine