Butch's Luck

The ad read:  “Free car to good home”.  Needless to say I jumped on it!  The previous owner informed me that the car ran, but couldn’t prove it because the starter had gone out the week prior.  That’s OK, I was planning on pulling the old six out of there anyway so running or not, I couldn’t beat the price…I got it for Free!


So I started my drive home with my new treasure in tow (raining like crazy).  Going up hills the little 6 cylinder in the truck was working hard (I have a Ford with an inline 300).  Some areas I would have to shift down and really floor it just to try and maintain a decent speed.  I knew once I got close to home that I would need to put the truck in 4 wheel drive to get the proper traction to get up our rather steep driveway.  I decided to pull over and lock my hubs at that time.  I stepped out of the truck and heard something coming from the car.  Looking closer I could see exhaust coming out of the Chevy!  I went back to the Chevy for further investigation and low and behold the Chevy was running (and I didn’t even have a key!)  So somewhere along the drive, the Chevy hot-wired itself and started running, most likely from going over a bump along the way.  So at least now I know the Chevy ran…sounded pretty good too!  I look forward to really creating a nice family cruiser!

Butch Winchar (73 Super)  Renton Washington