Butch's '49 Chevy Sedan "Fonzie"

My son has nick-named this one “Fonzie”.  So were going to do a whole “Happy Days” theme inside.


Bought this in November ’06 for $3000.  I thought it was a fair price since it was all complete and stock except for the upgraded and rebuilt 235 engine.  I upgraded to a 12 volt system, also opted for an alternator (so glad I did), converted back over to manual choke and just dressed up the engine a bit with a few chrome goodies.  I plan to paint it this spring a two tone White with Camel top, wide white walls and continental kit.  I’ll also attempt to take on the interior myself.   I just installed a 12 volt defroster/heater motor and it sure blows out the heat.. love it.  My plans aren’t to necessarily make a show queen, but rather something I can drive around (regardless of weather) and enjoy.  I’ve always wanted a “three on the tree” and now I happily have one.  Love this car and plan to continually update and tweak it…. Fonz’ is a keeper.. “Ayyyyeeee!!!”.

Butch Winchar  #4729, Renton WA

Stock 235 engine