How to adopt a Saginaw steering box to a 41 Chevy and how to keep the original mast jacket for a stock look


We received this tech tip from Frank Brodkorb of Augsburg, in Southern Germany. Frank is a visual effects professional by trade, but from these pictures, it looks like he's a pretty sharp mechanic as well! Frank is familiar to our "B-Board" users as "C-Dan-D-Luxe" and a great nostalgia site of his own at  - Check it out!


 The new Saginaw steering box is mounted. I found a way to do it without a rag joint (by using a steel tube as a connector), so I can have the original jacket mast and keep the stock look. The Saginaw adaptor is from Buffalo and bolts right in.
Special thaks to David Beaty and Jim Merrit for all the help and information.


And here - because of the many requests - how exactly it was done.
The steel tube was drilled and taped 4 times together with the stock and the Saginaw shaft. Then the heads of the 4 bolts where removed, slotted and secured with Loctite. The original jacket is centered with a nylon bushing and locked with the original clamp (not shown here)
Redneck Engineering made in Germany ;-).