12port GMC for sale

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12port GMC for sale - 11/07/17 01:39 PM

GMC assembled at Sissells 10+ years ago. Mated to a powerglide with custom adapter plate.Herbert roller with 5 97s on custom manifold. Head is an aluminum Fischer. Engine has never been fired. No distributer or exhaust manifold.Located near Anaheim Ca.$4,000 or best offer.jonesjljr@sbcglobal.net
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What size engine is this? I'm interested.
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Bump. Interested to see as well.
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Re: 12port GMC for sale - 11/24/17 05:22 PM

One of our local members and his family set 3 Bonneville records with a 302 in a '54 pickup. He ran a McCulloch and a stock cam.