4l60e differences

Posted by: Whitedog

4l60e differences - 02/02/12 08:59 PM

I was at the junk yard browsing through the stack of transmissions when I noticed the different factory tags on the 4l60e transmissions. One had 8SHD on it, the other 6SHD, and 8FBD was on one that looked to have a Trailblazer bellhousing.

Is there any major differences between them all, or are they just designation tags for things like; van, truck, car, etc...
Posted by: Bruce

Re: 4l60e differences - 02/03/12 01:17 PM

This may help:

Posted by: Whitedog

Re: 4l60e differences - 02/08/12 08:15 AM

Cool link. It looks as though the numbers have more to do with the year of the trans than anything else. Good to know though!

Posted by: limequat

Re: 4l60e differences - 02/09/12 10:14 AM

I've noticed while doing harenesses that the TRS is different between the model years. Little thing that could turn into a PITA down the road.