37 Dodge PU

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37 Dodge PU - 02/04/17 06:49 PM

Been awhile since I've been on here, been a tough few years, but I just traded my 90 Ford F150 with a 300 for a 37 Dodge PU that has had an amateur restoration with a '55 Plymouth 230. The plans right now are to order the Fenton repop exhaust headers from Langdons along with the T5 transmission adaptor. I have the choice of several intakes and the eventual plan is to pull a trailer to swap meets. How much should I mill the head to use todays gas?
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Re: 37 Dodge PU - 02/05/17 07:48 AM

Welcome home! Nice pickup. That 230 is a good puller. My dad put one in his '52 pickup and we hauled all our worldly possessions from Texas to California with it in '59. Pick the T5 wisely with a good ratio. See you in August. cool
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Re: 37 Dodge PU - 02/24/17 02:52 PM

Probably an even inch!--ya going to be at the Decatur swap meet with your brother tomorrow?
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Re: 37 Dodge PU - 03/06/17 01:46 AM

I was at the Decatur meet, My brother passed away on the 31st. of January. frown I'm going to continue with the swap meets in the NW including Portland and Reno.
Just got the title for my truck and it's a 1938 not a 37.
Decided to use an Edmunds intake on the truck using Stromberg carbs.
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Re: 37 Dodge PU - 03/06/17 02:03 AM

I'm thinking the 94's rather than 97's would be a better choice for this setup.
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Re: 37 Dodge PU - 03/06/17 08:26 AM

Man, Sorry about your brother. He was a good guy and the perfect complement to you. Lost my brother several years back and I still miss him. You guys were so close. Really sad news.

Like Edmunds stuff. We used it a lot and he made equipment for everything. Find a head! I think 94s are a good choice. They are better priced that 97s too.
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Re: 37 Dodge PU - 03/06/17 06:50 PM

Thanx Tom, Going to the Portland swap meet in a few weeks, maybe I'll find a head. I have several 94's and 97's and was just thinking the lower cfm of the 94's would help avoid over carburation.
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Re: 37 Dodge PU - 03/07/17 09:05 AM

You know you'll find friends at every meet you attend. Vic and I will see you in Reno and we'll bring the makins'. We'll see how HAN matches up with Bonneville this year. If their winter has been like ours it will probably be too wet. The "dry lakes" I look down on from here have more water than I have ever seen in them and the spring thaw hasn't started yet.

Remember I have that 413 Dodge flathead six if you need a trailer puller. It would take some suspension up grades. smile It came with dual carbs ( littleBall&Ball ) and dual exhaust.
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Re: 37 Dodge PU - 03/12/17 06:33 AM

Glad to see you found your way back. My brother and I do are close too.
Nice looking pickup, very clean. Hope you are still driving that ChevyII.
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Re: 37 Dodge PU - 04/13/17 08:11 AM

Jalopy, sorry to hear about your brother. Where in Oregon are you? I'm in cave junction. I don't remember when the portland swap meet was or is anymore so I hope it went well.
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Re: 37 Dodge PU - 06/05/17 08:06 PM

Finally got around to getting the truck running after it was stolen and recovered and now the Bendix is broken on the starter drive. It's a 12 volt starter and flywheel was changed, does anyone know if the spring from the 6 volt starter is the same?
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Re: 37 Dodge PU - 06/05/17 09:55 PM

Gary, I have an old Mopar starter laying around. Probably 6 volt, foot activated. 6 volt starters work well on 12 volts. It's yours if you want it.