I know during the Convention people will be looking for places to eat.Well just so happens my wife had a conference up here in Flagstaff.Her Conference was held at Little America.I figured I would take some pics excetera while we are here.Unfortunately they were staying in Lodge 2 which hasnt been remodeled yet.But any ways we went out for dinner to one of the local Mexican restaraunts El Tapatio.The Restaraunt is located on Route 66 just west of 1st street, kind of a small place but very busy.The Restaraunt is family owned and the whole staff were very friendly while we were there.The wife had a House Margarita while we waited.She said it was good and strong. When we were finaly seated at our table chips salsawere brought promptly and kept filled.
Now for the good stuff... The food My wife ordered a Carnitas plate that was about the size of large steering wheel LoL and was very good.She ended up bringing half of her plate back to the motel for later.I had shredded beef taco, pork tamale, and a shredded beef chimi combo plate with rice and beans and my plate was just as big my wifes.My daughter had a a shredded beef taco and chimi aswell.Food was alittle different than what we normaly see in the valley but was some of the best we have had in awhile.The wifes plate was around $15. mine was around $13 for the 3 item combo plate and few dollars less for my daughters 2 item combo.Note they also have plates for those on restricted diets such as Gluten free.El Tapatio will be on the list for a meal next July during the Convention. Website Eltapatio.com
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