The Filter King is still made by MALPASSI in Italy.

Malpassi was Chef Engeneer of Del Orto
when he developed the Filter King after WWII.

The Filter King has been part of the Competition
vehicle fuel system for the last 25 Years and
is used religiously because it has the ability
to regulate and filter fuel without restriction.

It is available in two different sizes,
with a glass or aluminium bowl.

Also the mechanical fuel pumps where less
effectiv at high rpm because of pulsing.

The Filter king irons all that out
and delivers a constant pressure to the carbs.

They are verry adjustable from almost zero
to what ever yor pump delivers.

Since they are also verry common on british cars over here
(and my italian is kind a limited :rolleyes: )
I found a Brithish Layland/Mini Cooper Dealer
that sells them.

MINI COOPER Motorsport

They also are often sold by Motorboat / Marine supplyers.

I found them from 55-59 Euros when new. So anything more than that on Ebay would
be wasted.

Here is an english site: Rally Nuts

...oh, Euros exchange rate is 1 Euro = 1.19 $ \:D

To old to die young.