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This is the old school boost controller I have

Those work well on motorcycles. My brother has one on his bike. Can you ramp in boost?

Yes, you can,it has a lot of features.

Here is one installed in a street car from a local shop NRE. 2.30 seconds into video

Adjust for poor track conditions,etc.
The MSBC-1 has the following features: *Six stage programmable boost control. *Useful for street or drag applications. *0-60 psi target boost range for each stage(1 psi increment) *Up to 18 different Ramp settings to control how fast boost is allowed to build.
*Launch stage for drag racing. *Shift input for automatic stage selection for drag racing. *Front panel stage selection by driver. *Actual boost readout during boost control. *2 Analog data recorder outputs-Actual, and target level. *2 solenoid drive outputs-One for an increase boost output and the other for decrease boost output. *Can be used with single or dual port wastegates. *Uses electronic pressure sensor to monitor and control boost. *Will force wastegate to produce preset target boost level even with air density, load, or mechanical variations. *Can be used with manifold pressure only or external pressure source for control.
12 port SDS EFI