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Douglas has the first EFI turbo setup.


I know that Douglas was fisrt ,forgot to say in the U.S.

Those are some good numbers. Congrats!

Yes, for a drag vehicle & your engine size a .96 is too small.

What is the trim on your turbine wheel?

Have you driven it on the street?
What is the stall on your converter?

What are the exact specs on your turbo? Just curious,I know I will not be as big of a turbo,smaller engine.

MBHD [/quote]

We have the first motor with 7 head studs per cylinder

No we have not driven it on the street.

We have 4 convertors I think this one is a 9" 3800 rpm stall

All I can tell you about the turbo is Turbonetics 78mm BB .96 A/R S-trim.

The turbo was Craig's deptment to take care of. I took care of all the wiring. This much wiring would scare most poeple.