I know a hogan type sheetmetal intake is pricey like $2500.

So what are the alternatives for a home brew carb intake?

For a bone stock engine - the GM electroncs does a good job. Limequat has a wiring sheet how to wire in the GM electronics to an older vehicle. 2 items to think of here 1) the pcm needs to have a bunch of stuff turned off by someone who has HP tuners box, and the drive by wire gas pedal must be used. The same PCM also runs the 4L60E tranmission.

A TH350/400/700 bolts up using an adapter plate and a t/c made for a mid engine mounting plate (the ears and hub have to be extended the same amount as the thichness of the adapter plate. I'm close to doing this for a 4L80E. I'll take pix as I go.
51 GMC 4.2 turbo
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