Got back to this yesterday.

I finally gasketed the engine, so it's together for the long haul now. The only gasket I did not install was the cam housing gasket as I haven't got to the point of setting the cam timing and triple checking it for the EFI, so it'll be removed a couple times. Also finally got spark plug wires for it and drilled the trigger wheel to bolt to the harmonic balancer. And typical Randal cut twice and it's still too short it took me two tries to get the trigger wheel centered =/ Tomorrow's game plan is to attach the intake and exhaust back on it, plumb in the injector caps and start working on an engine run stand.

A picture with out the cam cover, I'll have to remove the timing belt from the top sprocket because I didn't actually set the cam where it needs to be (plus the cam followers are not installed), but the belt had to be installed since I installed the harmonic balancer for real this time (pressed on).

Also installed an internally regulated alternator, that one is a ~65 amp one, but eventually it'll probably get ~120 amp one.
Rebuilding an OHC Pontiac 250 with EFI and a Turbo