The Q-jet, if I stay with it, will get a through cleaning before actually going into service. As you can see I already gutted the venturi's out of it and 750-800 cfm is already well above what a simple 250cid engine will use, lol. I have a a nice single throttle body that is an aftermarket piece for a Ford and a 90* elbow. I may see about working that in and not using the Q-jet. I'm on the fence at the moment.

The bungs are simply JB welded on. I took a grinder to the outside of the injector bungs to give them texture for the JB weld to bite on to.

Some more updating.

A long while back I removed the back pressure valve that was for warm up, and it left two holes in one of the exhaust outlets. So today I tapped threads into them, slathered some JB Weld onto the bolt threads and ran them into the holes. Then ground down the threads flush with the sides.

Installed the rubber hoses. Had another hiccup as the 3/8th clamps I got are not large enough, so I have to order some larger ones.

I really don't like the loop in the front, but the radiator hose does distract from it a bit.

I'm going to re-evaluate using the short segment of fuel rail connected by steel line. I was looking at the set up with the throttle body I have, and possibly the 90* elbow and might be able to have more room for the rail in the center than I thought previously. I would have to break one or both the center injector bungs loose as I have one slightly higher than the other so the hoses would clear each other.
Rebuilding an OHC Pontiac 250 with EFI and a Turbo