No problem. I did some more work in the last couple days.

Made a final cam sensor cap and cleaned up the distributor shaft some. It won't win any art awards but it should work.

Also installed the flex plate so when I go to start the engine on the stand.

Made the center injector rail, connected it to the outer two with steel braided hose. Started on the wiring. I have all the signal wires for the ignition coils ran as well as the fuel injector wires. I need to run the power and ground wires for the coils still, but have to pick up some wire to finish it. I also ran the coolant temp sensor wires. I wanted to do the cam sensor wiring, but realized I don't know which wires do what =P So I have to sort that out. It's a stock hall effect cam sensor off a GM 4-cylinder if anyone happens to know.

Drilled out the middle injector rail. Not very sophisticated but it works (well I hope it does...)

The injectors just peaking into the line. Actually they are pulled down a bit once installed as I found the connectors wouldn't plug in until I lifted the rail some.

This is where I ended the day. The injectors are in, the rails are linked up and the wiring harness is getting fatter. Lots of the wires might look the same, but actually they have different color stripes on them as well as text labeling printed on them.

And on the ignition side of the engine.
Rebuilding an OHC Pontiac 250 with EFI and a Turbo