Gary, I think you are just looking at the pictures I have the cam housing and hooks removed. This intake is a temporary intake so the solutions just need to be functional. Here is a picture with the hooks in place. I may need to gusset them if I think the are pushing too hard when I go to pressure up the fuel system on the engine stand (engine off).

It is a MAP speed density system, no MAF at all. I have a 90* Ford intake fitting and a large single blade throttle body and I could not get the 90* to fit in a way I was happy with. The giant pictures that are screwing up the width of this thread are a mock up of what I'll be doing for a final intake manifold. Basically an inline tube with a single throttle body on the front and then six equal length runners from the main tube.
Rebuilding an OHC Pontiac 250 with EFI and a Turbo