Gambled and lost. Definitely have a 2.73 gear set (2-series) and not 3.08 (3-series), damn. So for $180 I have an appropriate carrier and mini-spool on its way. I'll have $280 into the rear axle when done.

Got the shop and tools cleaned up and organized today. Got the engine back on the run stand and found some radiator hoses from NAPA. Hopefully the radiator doesn't leak =P I have two mufflers ready for testing as well.

Ordered a pile of things today on top of the carrier and mini-spool. I have a 2000-2500 stall torque converter, TV cable, Holley carb TV cable kit, and a dipstick tube and stick on the way. Getting ready for install, hopefully no serious hiccups when I do the fuel pressure test and start up.

Due to a friend's huge generosity I may be going to a reverse flow cooling system sooner rather than later! He said he has an automotive remote electric water pump and controller that is about ten years old but had never been installed/used that he is just going to give me!

So I went down to NAPA and asked them what the largest diameter heater hose they keep in stock was and I was delighted to hear they had 50ft of 1" heater hose. So I went to the hardware store and picked up a pair of 1" steel water nipples and welded them to a pair of steel freeze plugs. Due to heat while welding, changing the inside shape, etc I may have to find a way to positively retain them in the block. Like a set screw or plate. I'll cross that bridge later. Here is a pair of mock up photos.

Oh yeah, started on a control panel as well. Just have to wire it up.

Rebuilding an OHC Pontiac 250 with EFI and a Turbo