This is my "throw together" engine, basically hauled it home from a classified ad, opened it up, pulled it all apart, nodded, put it all back together, used rings, used bearings, etc. I modified the head for the oiling system, raised the main line oil pressure, etc. Figured the first one of these I built shouldn't have too much machine work in it in case I screw the pooch on the oil mod's and EFI stuff. Basically it's lipstick on a pig, haha.

When I have it running good in the car I'll start on my turbo engine build, which will include custom forged pistons, a re-ground cam I have and a ported head. I know the shop that ported this head and will be sending a cleaned up head I have to them for chamber and port work. I've already had my head shaved to a true 12 port. You've seen my idea of going to a reverse flow cooling system, and part of that is to keep the head cool for the turbo that is coming. I have not yet purchased or sized the turbo as I want to get a decent baseline on this engine so I know what to expect before sizing the turbo.

Have it just about fired up. Tested the crank and cam sensors yesterday while cranking the engine sans fuel/spark. The spark is working as desired, but the fuel rails leaked at the injectors so I'm pulling the fuel rails off this morning to do some clean up passes with green scotchbrite and replace all the o-rings on the injectors just to be safe.

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Rebuilding an OHC Pontiac 250 with EFI and a Turbo