That sounds like a fun build. Some similarity to my '26 Chevy roadster plans. Parallel front leaf springs, Dana 44, Borg Warner 3 speed OD. My trans is a T86 with an R10. It will use a top shifter from a Jeep T90. (bolt on) Engine is a built 153 4 cylinder. I picked up a BW T85 with a R11 from a Lincoln the other day. You won't have to worry about breaking yours. They are tough. Coker is making radials that have an older look. My '53 actually drives better with radials.

I hate "Rat Rods"! I have never owned a finished pretty car so "in progress" is where I live. There is a huge difference especially for those of us who need to drive our projects. There is very little ratty about my '53 pickup, except for my "air unfreshener".

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