I agree, v-bands are nice for quickness, but I shouldn't be removing the exhaust with any kind of frequency and it's only temporary while it's naturally aspirated. Then it'll get the whole exhaust redone and I can see using clamps for the turbo set up.

Likewise on the dipstick, I'm a pretty tall guy and had zero issues reaching the motor mount bolts from the top of the car, the dip stick should be a walk in the park and how often does one actually check the trans fluid if it is not leaking? Annually? I didn't like how it interfered with the spark plug wire. It would annoy me every time I opened the hood, now it'll only annoy me perhaps annually =P

The intake induction still isn't the most efficient setup. I did not gut the plenum of the intake so it does not have the best flow after the carb. I am considering installing EGT sensors in each exhaust manifold port, if I pull the manifolds for that I may opt to gut the intake plenum at that point, but currently it is likely the biggest flow hangup at the moment. Plus when I go turbo I'll be going to a complete custom intake and away from the holley throttlebody.
Rebuilding an OHC Pontiac 250 with EFI and a Turbo