Thanks. Next Friday I'll install the rear shocks (just ordered, I forgot I had removed the bad air shocks a long time ago), bleed the rear brakes, pressure check the cooling system, then set it on the ground and hopefully back it out of the shop. I forgot to mention, that so far the transmission torques over going into reverse and drive and I ran the speedo up to 10-15mph(it's not accurate) so the transmission seems capable of moving the car. Couldn't tell if it shifted into second gear or not though.

I'll tune the fuel and timing a bit better and make a second video of it from outside the car. I'll have to get help installing the hood too.

Then I'll yank the seats out of it and install the seat belts that the previous owner removed but was kind enough to keep in a box. Then perhaps next Monday I'll get insurance and registration on it for some real driving time (weather dependant...).
Rebuilding an OHC Pontiac 250 with EFI and a Turbo