Thanks Gary!

Got it insured, plated, washed and now going to swing by NAPA and trying out the MegaSquirt 3's auto-tune on the fueling. I have to get used to the manual drum brakes again =P

Took it around town. Got it running pretty good once I leaned it out enough that the auto-tune could work it's magic. The water pump controller doesn't seem to be doing it's job, so I hard wired it on with the key and will monitor it. The steering wheel isn't straight though it tracks straight... I lined it up with the notch on the column... I'm getting two new front tires on it tomorrow, so I'll see if it changes (probably not, and it didn't eat any tires driving from Alabama), then straighten the steering wheel for now and fix the tie rod adjustments later. There are no good alignment shops in Ely and if it's not eating tires now I'm not going to screw with it. The trans autoshifts smooth enough, but doesn't really wind itself up with the pedal down. Likely a governor thing, and not liking the 4.56 gears. The shifter though works like a champ! There is a bit of a delay though when I manually shift it and the shift happens, and not as harsh as I'd expect. I drilled all the holes and put all the springs in for the "harshest" shift. Maybe the 4.56 gears and converter are dampening it? IDK, more run time will tell for certain.

Never driven a car with a spool before, definitely different. I'm putting narrow tires on it all the way around so that should make the manual steering and spool easier to work with.
Rebuilding an OHC Pontiac 250 with EFI and a Turbo