I did a bit of checking of stuff after work. I drove it to work today, so when I got home it was nice and warm so I popped the spark plugs out of it and ran a compression test. Before I did that though, I took a laser temp gun to each exhaust port as a check because I know those numbers will be subject to a fair amount of variation. Overall I'm pretty pleased. It's definitely pulling oil from somewhere, but I am suspecting mostly the valve guides at the moment.

The numbers as I got them. The compression numbers are probably about 20% lower than if it were taken at sea level given my elevation. That would put the numbers around 155-160psi. I'm considering playing with the fuel injector trims, particularly on cylinders 1 and 5 that are measured ~30F cooler than the other cylinders with the same compression. Maybe a little to gain on #6? Looking at the plugs, it looks like I should lean out 1 and 5 a hair to at least get them closer to balanced (in theory..).
.....PSI F
#1 130 350
#2 135 415
#3 135 400
#4 130 385
#5 135 385
#6 128 320

Pictures of the plugs. Expert opinion says to put a hotter plug in it, so I'll see about getting a hotter set. The engine runs nice going down the highway at 18:1 AFR's with 42 of timing. I will continue to try and lean it out more to see about gaining some mpg's (with 4.56 gears, lol).

And I finally stuck a timing light on it. Yup, still spot on from idle to 4,000+rpm.

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