Nothing has been settled on the turbo build except the cam. I currently expect to target the compression around 9.0:1, but may go as much as a point lower or half point higher.

Gears at that point will be switched out to something in the middle to high 3's and there will be a lot more stall in the converter. I'll be using a 4L60e/65e/70e at that point in time for better transmission control.

Since I adjusted the rear brakes (which with manual drum all around helped a ton in stopping power), it doesn't power brake nearly as easily as before, but can get them going. From a stand still, I still have a bog in the tune when I hammer the throttle from an idle that keeps it from possibly lighting them up from a stop. Off idle tuning is tricky without a throttle position sensor. Imagine tuning a carb with no accelerator pump, except I do have a crutch that the EFI can read a rapid vacuum change and apply a pump shot to it, but it is still reactionary to vacuum signal. I should be able to dial it in eventually (or add a TPS), but I haven't sat down and dedicated time to dial it in.
Rebuilding an OHC Pontiac 250 with EFI and a Turbo