I just got an intake/exhaust flange water jetted and when I pick it up I'll port the head to match the flange. Then using PipeMax I'll get and use the taper and runner length for my sheet metal intake. It'll look similar to yours but far less refined, lol.

1.60" exhaust valve. The 1bbl intake is not divide, the 4bbl is, and both heads are divide EXCEPT about 1/8" gap short of being trued up with the mounting surface. My turbo head has that welded up and machined flat already.

Any rumor on the rods is complete crap. Pontiac re-designed the rods in later engines, but the 1bbl and 4bbl engines of the same year got the same rod. And they are forged, and they are forged of the same steel as the Chevy 230/250 engines per the numbers in the service manual. The 1bbl and 4bbl got the same piston as well, though the part number for the rings show the 4bbl got a better second ring (same top ring).

Paint = Lipstick on a Pig =P As they say, rattle can rebuild? lol

Here is my attempt at chamber re-shaping. Over all I am quite pleased. This was about 30 minutes worth of work. I had to account for a bigger/deeper chamber than in the picture because the one in the picture is a high compression head. I wonder if I should smooth out/open up the other side of the intake valve as well? Who needs compression anyways?

Rebuilding an OHC Pontiac 250 with EFI and a Turbo